Hero's Technique: Rock Wall Reflector
Heros Technique Rock Wall Reflector
Name Hero's Technique: Rock Wall Reflector
Kanji 勇者の技法: 岩壁反射
Romaji Yūsha no gihō: Ganpeki hansha
Users Female Knight
Hero (presumed)
First Appearance
Anime Episode 6

Hero's Technique: Rock Wall Reflector (勇者の技法: 岩壁反射 Yūsha no gihō: Ganpeki hansha) is an ability used by the Female Knight.

Description Edit

The user digs their weapon into the ground to make a shield of rock. This is used to reflect an enemy's attack back at them.

Trivia Edit

  • Female Knight mentions learning the technique from Hero during their travels together, though it is unknown if he directly taught her the technique or she learned it by observation.

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