Fire Dragon Princess

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Dragon Princess

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Name Fire Dragon Princess
Kanji 火竜公女
Romaji Karyuu Koujo
Gender Female Female
Race Demon
Eye color Green (toi8)
Blue (anime, Akira Ishida, Gaiden)
Red (Asami You)
Gold (Hiro Touge)
Hair color Orange (toi8, anime, Gaiden)
Black (Akira Ishida, Asami You)
Blue (Hiro Touge)
First Appearance
Manga Asami You chapter 15
Japanese Shizuka Itō
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The Fire Dragon Princess (火竜公女) is the demon princess of the Dragon Tribe and part of the ruling council of Gateway City. Her father is the Archduke Fire Dragon.


Unlike her father, the Fire Dragon Princess has a very human-like appearance, being nigh indistinguishable from humans so long as she hides any traits that would reveal her as a demon.

One feature common to all versions of her are horns or horn-like protrusions from her head. In toi8's illustrations, the anime, Asami You's manga, and the Gaiden manga, it seems to be her hair shaped into horns; Akira Ishida's and Hiro Touge's manga give her actual horns.



Attack on Gateway CityEdit


Like the Demon King, the Fire Dragon Princess does not display much combat prowess of her own. In the anime, her breath is followed by small trails of fire, but she does not display much control over fire beyond a practical level (such as using it to kindle wood in a fireplace).

In Hiro Touge's adaption, she displays the ability to transform into a dragon, using said ability to take Older Sister Maid to see Royal Prince Marshal.