Demons with the Dragon Princess.

Demons are a race that are in war with the humans for 15 years. They are lead by the Demon King and are separated by different clans with tribes and under them.


All demons belong to clans.

Eight clans are the most prestigous and powerful in the demons world:

  • Humanoid Clan
    • Tattoo Tribe
    • Hidden eye Tribe
  • Blue Demon Clan
  • Giant Clan
  • Dragon Clan
  • Fairy Clan
  • Beast Fang Clan
    • Wolf Fang Tribe
    • Silver Scale Tribe
    • Flying Shark Tribe
    • Iron Shell Tribe
  • Ogre Clan
  • Machine Clan

There are many other clans in the demon world.

  • the clan the current demon lord is in situated in the grand library