Name Archer
Aliases Butler
Gender Male Male
Race Human
Age 78
Eye color Brown
Hair color White
First Appearance
Anime First episode
Manga Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Archer, also known as Butler, is the third member of Hero's old party. He's also the mentor of the Hero and he in some occasions helps the Hero. However, he's also a bit of a jokester and a pervert.


History Edit

After the party was disbanded, he starts working as a servant of the Winter Prince who later becomes King. He is a lecherous older man who usually treats Hero like a son, while taunting Female Knight for her small bust, much to her anger. He addresses concerns about Hero isolating himself from humanity due to his immense power.


During the Great Demon Clan Meeting, the Kurultai, an assassination attempt is made on Demon King's life. Due to the nature of the attack, Archer is suspected of being the culprit, and the Blue Demons take advantage of the situation to make the Blue Demon Seal King the new Demon King. No sooner as he is crowned, though, does Archer pinpoint the true culprit and expose the attempted assassin. When the Seal King attempts to reassert his power, Demon King reappears before him and exposes his treachery for good. With his superiority over the other clans lost, the Blue Demons first attempt a skirmish before retreating to the human realm. Archer's name is cleared, and he thanks Hero for pleading his innocence, even though the reasoning that Hero used was that Archer would never try to kill someone above a D-cup (in other words, Demon King's breasts are so big that Archer would never kill her).

Final BattleEdit

Archer attempts to delay the Archbishop as the sinister man attempts to follow Hero, Demon King, and Female Knight up the Tower of Light. However, Archer is eventually overpowered, left for dead with his limbs ripped off. In his last moments, he sees the previous Hero and his old companions reaching out to him, and he dies with a smile. (In the -Other Side of the Hill- manga adaption, he instead participates in the final battle against the Archbishop along with Female Knight, but blows himself up to give her the opportunity to strike.)

After the war, his remains were found, and he was buried at the Winter Kingdom's royal gardens.


His title comes from the fact that he can inflict arrow-like wounds from afar, even though he never uses arrows or any type of long-range weapon. At one point, he does use a musket, but only to demonstrate its capabilities to some men he was training.


Hero's Party
HeroFemale KnightFemale MagicianArcher

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